Structure of South Coast Primary Care Partnership

The South Coast Primary Care Partnership (SCPCP) currently has 29 partner agencies committed to working together to improve the health outcomes of the community.

There are two levels of membership to the SCPCP

Level 1: Core full members

  • Are signatories to the Partnership Agreement
  • Have full voting rights
  • Participate in consultative and planning processes
  • Attend Steering Group Meetings (3 of the 4 meetings must be attended to maintain Level 1 membership)

Level 2: Associate members

  • Receive all SCPCP communications
  • Attend SCPCP meetings on an optional basis (without voting rights)
  • Participate in consultative and planning processes in relation to SCPCP Strategic Plan and other activities

South Coast PCP Priority Areas

Integrated Health Promotion (Prevention), Integrated Chronic Disease Management, Early Intervention, Integrated Care, Client and Community Empowerment (Service Coordination and Integrated Chronic Disease Management).

Governance The South Coast PCP is governed by a Steering Group which consists of level one member agencies. The Steering Group is responsible for-

  • Ensuring proper governance arrangements are developed and implemented,
  • Ensuring the development of an effective partnership,
  • Supporting and promoting the work of agency staff in implementing PCP strategies,
  • Ensuring agency communication strategies enable dissemination of PCP business,
  • Development of the Strategy/Strategic Plan,
  • Monitoring the performance of the SCPCP and ensuring member agencies meet their commitments to this agreement,
  • Ensuring conditions of Funding and Service Agreements with funding authorities are met, and
  • Monitoring the performance of SCPCP Executive Officer.