Healthier Eating & Active Living

Healthier Eating

Our focus is on increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables and making water the first choice for the communities of Bass Coast and South Gippsland.

We will achieve this by:

  • Social marketing campaigns to increase the consumption of water, fruit and vegetables
  • Improving access to healthy food
  • Working together to improve access to information and local data
  • A strong and united voice to change the policy environment

South Coast Food Policy Coalition

The South Coast Food Policy Coalition is a network of local organisations who aim to achieve a sustainable, accessible, secure, safe and nutritious food supply in our local region. The network recently completed a report that investigated the planning of fresh food locally.

Please click on the link below to the report

Southern Gippsland Food Map

South Gippsland and Bass Coast are home to rich farmland, stunning coastlines and tranquil hinterlands. The countryside is characterised by lush rolling hills, spectacular views over coastal plains, rustic villages and family owned farms and vineyards.

Award winning wineries are an integral part of the Southern Gippsland landscape. Local boutique and artisan products feature on menus in local restaurants and cafes including regional wines, handmade cheeses, free range beef and organically grown fruit and vegetables - all produced on family farms as nature intended.

Please click on the link below to the Southern Gippsland Food Map website

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Active Living

Our primary focus is to create and support environments that increase the amount of regular physical activity for people in Bass Coast and South Gippsland.

We will achieve this by:

  • Being active at work
  • Promoting participation in sport for everyone
  • Increasing walking and cycling