Improving Mental Health

Improving Mental Health

Our focus is to maximise peoples mental health and wellbeing.

We aim to enable people to maximise their wellbeing by influencing the social factors of health. This is where our social environment supports good mental and physical health, reduces harm, people are equipped with the skills to maintain and make improvements in their quality of life, they are resilient to adversity, have strong community connections and participate in the workforce or volunteering.

Men’s Sheds

There are many Men’s Sheds in the South Coast. The majority of ‘Sheds’ have tools, equipment, develop community projects or purely offer a place for blokes to get together.

Sheds offer a places for men to:

  • put their skills to use for the benefit of their community,
  • develop mentor programs for children,
  • assist refugees to integrate into their new community,
  • provide a place for participants to have a chat, learn new skills and give back to the community.

To find a shed near you please visit the below link ‘Find a Men’s Shed’

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