Family Violence

The Prevention Manager chairs the South Coast Partnership to Prevent Men’s Violence Against Women which was established in 2015. Our strategic partnership draws organisations together to build collaboration, share resources, tailor and deliver prevention activities to our context that create positive change in our local community.

Our members are committed to:

  1. Raise awareness of the drivers of family violence
  2. Influence community attitudes and change behaviour
  3. Reinforce positive behaviours and social norms

In 2017 we were successful in obtaining a State Government Grant of $140,000 from the Department of Premier and Cabinet to run prevention of violence against women programmes across Bass Coast and South Gippsland. (I can provide the summary report soon – just being printed)

Below are some of the highlights.

  • Delivered – 27 MATE sessions across Bass Coast and South Gippsland
  • 470 MATE participants trained
  • 21 community members trained as MATE facilitators.
  • 5 MATE facilitators ran 3 separate workshops with year 9, year 10 and years 11 and 12 boys at Leongatha Secondary College while the girls attended a Clementine Ford forum to empower young women
  • Implement MATE bystander awareness training in community settings, schools and workplaces
  • Partnered with Respectful Relationships project officers to encourage lead and partner Secondary schools to hold ‘You the Man’ performances. Reached 685 students
  • Orange resources with ‘A future free of family violence’ were produced.
  • Stand up banners were displayed at network member organisations
  • 1500 orange show bags distributed across South Gippsland and Bass Coast Shires.
  • Members of the YMCA aqua aerobics classes assisted with delivering the orange bags to businesses in the towns in which they reside
  • The Department of Justice offered their assistance to collate and fill the 1500 orange bags with the resources. Offenders on community correction orders spent 3 weeks folding the Family Violence STOP cards, rolling the posters and collating other materials to fill the bags.
  • South Gippsland Shire Council staff put up 52 signs in 26 towns.
  • Bass Coast Shire Council staff planted 1000 orange marigolds plants in Inverloch and Wonthaggi town gardens.
  • Held a community event with a screening of the film ‘Call me Dad’. The facilitator from ‘Heavy Metal’ that is featured in the film, attended for a panel discussion with Victoria Police at the conclusion of the film.
  • Partnered with Gippsport and Gippsland Women’s Health in the ‘Orange Round’ with the AFL Gippsland League taking a stand against family violence and men’s violence against women and children and showcasing gender equality in sport.

Respectful Relationships

The Prevention Team work with schools across the South Coast and the Department of Education supporting them to implement the Respectful Relationships initiative. Respectful Relationships is a primary prevention activity designed to stop violence before it starts by addressing the deep-seated gendered drivers of family violence.

School leaders promote Respectful Relationships in the Corner Inlet

In partnership with DET and the Corner Inlet Learning Alliance: Foster Primary School, Fish Creek and District Primary School, Foster Secondary College, Toora Primary School, Welshpool and District primary School and Tarwin Lower Primary School, and the South Coast Prevention Team a series of Principal ‘vox pops’ videos were created.

Considering the influence leaders can have in a community, we set out to interview the principals and leaders of our local Respectful Relationship schools to create a community engagement tool.

What is RR

What is the whole school approach

Benefits of whole school approach

Why RR is important to your school and community

What does RR look like in the classroom?

Lead school

Family's Role

Why is it important to challenge gender stereotypes?

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