Informed by 'A Vision for Primary & Community Services in the South Coast, State-wide, Regional & Local PCP health priorities'. The partnership will continue to work on building the South Coast primary & community health sectors ability to respond effectively to the challenges of:

  • An ageing population and health care workforce
  • Increases in chronic conditions and their complexity • Meeting consumer needs for self-management
  • Reducing avoidable hospital admissions
  • Widening health inequalities
  • Improving access to care
  • Meeting community expectations for delivery of accessible services

The South Coast PCP has undergone extensive realignment in 2018 to redirect its efforts towards the vision set in the Gippsland South Coast Primary & Community Services Clinical Services Plan and that of the Vic PCP Future Directions.

This review resulted in the following key changes:

  • Pooling of prevention funding to form a new integrated primary prevention team
  • Rebranding of the South Coast Primary Care Partnership to the South Coast Primary & Community Partnership
  • A new Partnership Agreement signed by 7 lead agencies – BCH, GSHS, SGH, BCSC, SGSC, LCHS, GPHN
  • Broadened membership to the Steering Committee
  • Engagement of a wider cross section of the health and social services community
  • Inclusion of consumer representatives throughout all levels
  • A new governance model aligned to the DHHS Rural and Regional Partnerships model
  • Refocussing efforts to key focus areas
  • A commitment to align all health and wellbeing plans into one catchment plan to reduce duplication and increase efficiencies of limited resources